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Patient Response

RUCONEST® in children with HAE has shown a comparable safety and efficacy profile to adults1,2*

RUCONEST® is indicated for treatment of acute HAE attacks in children ≥2 years with HAE due to C1-INH deficiency2**

95.9% (70/73, N=20) of attacks in children aged 5-14 years were treated with a single dose of RUCONEST®1

Median time to onset of symptom relief was 60 minutes1

No treatment-related SAEs or hypersensitivity reactions were reported1

Incidence of AEs in patients treated for >1 attack did not increase1

*RUCONEST® has an established safety profile in children with HAE >5 years of age.
**RUCONEST® is licensed for children 2 years and above with limited data available for children aged between 2-5 years.²
AE: adverse event; HAE: hereditary angioedema; SAE: serious adverse event; SmPC: Summary of Product Characteristics.

RUCONEST® remains effective regardless of BMI3

  • Patients with a high BMI (≥30 kg/m2) tend to experience a higher frequency of attacks3
  • For patients with a BMI ≥30 kg/m2, some acute HAE treatments may be less effective4
  • RUCONEST® remains effective in patients weighing ≥180 kg3

Emergency setting use

Why is RUCONEST® well suited for use in the emergency setting?

Fast, effective, sustained relief in one dose regardless of attack location or severity5-7

A RUCONEST® vial has a shelf life of 4 years, at room temperature, making it convenient for storing at the hospital2

Established safety profile for adults and children ≥5 years1,2

C1 esterase inhibitor (C1-INH) returned to normal levels* in 94% of patients, regardless of age or weight, with just one dose**3

*The normal range of plasma C1-INH in healthy individuals is between 0.70–1.30 U/mL.⁸
**Dosing of RUCONEST® is weight dependent and one dose is, therefore, based on patient weight as follows; <84 kg: 50 U/kg (1–2 vials); ≥84 kg: fixed dose of 2 vials (4200 U).²

RUCONEST®: fast, effective, sustained relief, in one dose4-8


Identical amino acid sequence to native human C1-INH9


Rapid onset of action6,7


96% of patients experience relief with just one dose5,8


One dose stops attacks for at least 3 days in 93% of patients4

RUCONEST® is indicated for treatment of acute angioedema attacks in adults, adolescents, and children (aged 2 years and above) with hereditary angioedema (HAE) due to C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency.


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